How Trails are Built

As a nonprofit organization without a Town budget, the Northborough Trails Committee has relied on conservation grants and private donations in the past. If you’d like to make a contribution please send your donation to the Northborough Trails Fund at the Town Planner’s Office 63 Main St. Northborough, Ma. 01532. Contributors to this fund may claim their contributions as tax deductible from their annual taxes.

In 2006 for the first time we applied for money from the Community Preservation Act, and at the April Town Meeting our request for $3,100.00 was approved. We have used that money to purchase a gas powered weed/brush cutter for trail maintenance, as well as other hand tools for trail development and maintenance, signs, printed pamphlets for the Edmund Hill Woods Interactive Trail system, and materials for boardwalks through the wetland areas of new trails.

The NTC has also received C.P.A. funding during the years 2007, 2008 and 2009. Please see the NTC Annual Reports for details.

The NTC appreciates your continued support, so please help our funding requests through your vote at Town Meeting.

If you have any questions regarding NTC funding or donations please contact the Town Planner's Office at the Town Hall, 508-393-5019.

Thank you.